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UX Research, UI Design, Logo Design

Designed the logo, experience and user interface for an internal dashboard application used by salespeople at Citrix. Performed user research, created wireframes, designed icons and created all the animations for the elements in the application. Expedited the development process by providing coded styles when handing off guidelines to the developers.


The project began with the design of a memorable and Citrix branded logo for the app. After several concepts, I went with an "M" that interlaces within itself to draw a sublimial checkmark, to portray the feeling of an accomplished task. The "M" mark woks as a stand-alone icon and ties well with the Citrix logo and the "Martel" word version of the logo.


The UX process started by navigating the existing version of the app, which was very disorganized, visually unappealing, and hard to navigate. I interviewed four sales agents to understand their needs and pain points with the current version of the app. They wanted clean interfaces with focus on the actions they needed to complete each interaction on the pages in the fastest way possible. They wanted the app to have the three main actions readily available upon login, the lead import manager, media manager, and the external tool match maker.


After wireframing all the pages of the application and reviewing the flow with stakeholders and users, I created the high-fidelity prototypes. My focus in the UI was to not only show the data in a clean and semantic way, but to make the experience extra pleasurable with micro-interactions throughout the components. I designed all aspects of the app, including user settings, file upload areas, form inputs and much more. The interactive prototype can be explored by opening the link at the bottom.


Finally, I prepared all the assets for easy export by developers using the Zeplin app. I also created the animated SVG icons used in the micro-interactions throughout the app, making the front-end development process a breeze to set up.


Design Technologies
Adobe XD, After Effects, Miro, Zeplin
Dev Technologies

Words from my supervisor

Cesar is an incredibly talented designer and a great team player. I have been his manager for over two years. During his time at Citrix he has led several projects from beginning to end, designing always with the end user in mind. His execution is flawless following brand guidelines consistently, pushing the envelope with creative ideas and introducing innovative ways to increase efficiency and productivity. He introduced Adobe XD to the team and created "master" design library components that allowed increased collaboration among team members, scalability, consistency and quick turn around of projects.

He has also led all of our interactive and animation-based projects built in "Ceros", building product demos, interactive animations and surveys. Cesar is a true collaborator, open to feedback and new ideas, inclusive, professional, kind and always happy to help no matter how small or large the project at hand may be. Everyone in the team is excited to work with Cesar, who is happy to share his knowledge and talents with other team members. Cesar has also conducted trainings in XD and Ceros for team members within our department as well as across the company, which has helped ensure design best practices, consistency and efficiency across channels. Cesar brings immense value to the team and the company. Any one who has Cesar in their team will have not just a brilliant designer, but a wonderful person as well.

Ana Diez, User Experience Manager
Sr. Manager, Global Experience | Citrix
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