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Web Master, UI/UX Design, Front-End Dev, Graphic Design, Content Management Systems

Served as the web master and lead designer for Broward Health's web entities. Through this time, I designed many graphics for marketing campaigns, user interfaces for new sites and areas of the main site, helped with various front-end development processes, and managed content and users within the Sitecore CMS.


I took on designing many high-quality graphics, as well as many modules and sections of the main website; such as the "Find a Doctor", "News" and the "Classes & Events" sections. I also led the design direction of several other sub sites, such as the employee portal and the vendor portal.


My role as the web master also involved lots of content work in the Sitecore CMS. From posting the creative assets I designed, to complying with accessibility needs, and administrating users from different departments to access the sections they needed; I had a very global perspective of all the web efforts and I served as the bridge between IT, marketing, clinical, and other departments in the hospital system.


Finally, I took part in several development efforts; such as creating the CSS, using LESS, for modules such as the navigation mega-menu, the doctor cards in the search results, and many other areas of the site. I worked closely with the programmers to maintain highly optimized and semantic code.

Broward Health

Design Technologies
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Miro
Dev Technologies
Sitecore CMS, HTML, CSS, LESS, Visual Studio

Words from my supervisor

Great talent does not hide itself. That's exactly how I feel about Cesar. I've had the pleasure to work with Cesar for more than 2 years at Broward Health. He is a wonderful person to work with, team player and most importantly one of the most artistic talented individuals I've worked with. His inputs and suggestions were always a great value to our team. Any team leader would be more than lucky to have Cesar part of their team.

Mahmoud Alkhuja
Manager of Programming & Database Team | Broward Health
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